Friday, December 28, 2007

Highland Crossing, 19 - 22 December 2007

A 3 day, 108 mile, 34,500 ascent, midwinter crossing of the Highlands

A solo unsupported traverse of the high peaks from Fort William to Aviemore, alone and unsupported in midwinter.

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chris said...

Hi John
I have been following your blog for 12months now and this Challenge is the best so far. I am suitably impressed. The Gaick photo is now my desktop wallpaper. Tomorrow I'm off to run up Am Bioran above St Fillans to work off the mince pies. I can only dream of your walk. About 15 years ago I attempted the low level solo version and binned it at Dalwhinnie. You are an inspiration.

JohnD said...

Just read your account John - absolutely amazing, and great photos. Well done on an amazing achievement.

Alex said...


What did you do about water?

Little mentioned in reports like this, but always interesting to see how people approach this challenge

Martin Makkenze said...

Hi John,

hugely impressed by this challenge and by your grand tour of the alps as well! And I Really enjoyed your video's!

In may I want to do a ‘high’ Highland crossing of some sort, starting in Braemar and finishing in fort William, by taking a logical route over some munro's. It will take me roughly 5 a 6 days.

Whilst studying the route I found your suburb website but on some reason the links to the schedule and the report seem not to work. They do lead to your company's website but then a received a 'not found' error. Your schedule and report would be of great use.

kind regards,


with apologies for my cranky English, I’m not a native speaker.